Commission 36x36  Mermaid 18" Round $450 Cabinet Doors Commision Commission 14x30 Confetti 10x10 Sold Copper Leaves 19x12 $225 Garuda Bird 10x30 $600 Infinite Reflections Sculpture 
Sold $285 Jin Jang  18" Round $295 
Best of Show Joy 27x23 $500 Mermaid 36x36 Commission Path to Self  Sculpture
$375 Sold Saying Goodbye 16x16 $350 Star Light Star Bright $350 Sunset $195 Sold The Circle Game 16x14 $250.00 Two Palms Transom Commission U Name It  $325 Sold Urban Jewel  Sculpture $750 Sold Honorable Mention award Water Lilly Commission lightbox photogallery by v5.9m